Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One Down...

Chart A of Mystic Waters is done. I've found some dental floss and will insert a lifeline and then start B. It feels good to have no mistakes so far... 7 more charts to go...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Third Time Better be the Charm

Or I may go nuts. Mystic Waters has whupped my a$$ again... I found a major oops of too many stitches on the left side so I couldn't tink just that area. No lifeline so out it all came and I've started again. I'm almost finished with chart A. I am very determined to get this thing done! I love all the photos I've seen - and one lady who has knitted two so far. Amazing!

Right now I've been knitting to Parking Wars (?). This takes place in Philly - home to DSIL's family. Love it when a guy went to tear up a ticket for the camera and it wouldn't tear. Guy looked like a goof fo that. This is actually a pretty funny show. It's also amazing what people have on their cars and the stories they come up with. It's also kind of funny that so few of the people have the accent I associate with the Philadelphia area.

PK stands for Psycho-kat. She goes tearing through the house, leaping into the air and attacking almost everything - but then she turns around and looks like this:
Miss Pretty Innocent Kat.

"Who Me??? I did WHAT?????? No Way!"

Friday, February 1, 2008

Stash Enhancement Experience (S.E.X.)

I've been enhancing my stash - actually in anticipation of at least one Mystery Shawl starting in March. Mystic Light has been described by Anna as the light coming from fire or stars. I bought some yarn from Loopy Ewe, first this: Cool Fire from Dream In Color Smooshy. This seemed to me to be the colors when the fire is dying down including the blue-ish flame colors.

Well, I was happy but then I was browsing another day or two later and found the following:

This is called Sugar Maple and is from Cherry Tree Hill's Sockittome. It does hit the colors of the sugar maples in New England but also the intense colors of fire, except for the blue fire when the wood burns to coals. That's ok. I think I like these warmer colors a bit better.

The final purchase was this:
This is Spring Frost, also from Cherry Tree Hill. Again, hits the colors I envision from the name. This will be a pair of socks for me.

Speaking of socks...

This is the first in a pattern called Azure from Knitty. I'm doing it in a Teal Green from Cherry Tree Hill yarn. It's a nice knit. The camera showed more detail when I was looking at what I was going to snap a photo of, but the detail seems washed out. There is no sun outside today so I'll have to wait for a good stitch detail photo. Or go to the Knitty site and see what the original looks like. This is being knit on size 2 needles.

I'm waiting for my LYS to get some more Addi size 2 needles in and want a 16 or 24" size. The 32" that I'm using is a big temptation to PK.

She is learning what she can or cannot play with but I really don't want to tempt her and then have to say no. Her other thing is to pretend she's a Kilroy character by peeking over the staircase edge.
If you tell her you can see her, she'll dash up the rest of the steps and hide around the corner.