Monday, September 1, 2014

Let's do an update...

I've finished my first rotation in the Heaven and Earth Designs Bulletin Board so I can update my progress.

First of all, Fireside Fairytales.  I've just picked up this one again as week 5 is for new starts and discontinued patterns.  I have neither so just picked up the biggest.
 I've posted the photo from August 8th and then from August 14th.  While it doesn't show there are two vertical columns in purple family colors and in the most recent one, the start of the arch bringing you into the room.
 The following week was confetti.  I broke out Seasons Winter but discovered too many errors and frogged  the whole thing and started again.  This chart is 75 stitches across and 231 rows tall.  I've completed 5 full rows and some partial rows.

The background material is actually white - I guess the phone or the night lighting caused it to look funky.

The funny looking area above the top row is hem stitching as the top and bottom will be fringed when this is done.  Hem stitching will hold the fabric and not allow it to ravel further.

The final week was HAEDless stitching - non-HAED designs and I broke out an old start of mine, Big Red by The Silver Lining.  I adore Marc's flowers and lighthouses.  I have five designs of his in process but Big Red will probably be my focus for a while.

So below are my start and end -  August 22nd and August 28th.

 This starting photo represents 1 page, though incomplete, of the pattern.  The ending photo is with the addition of a 2nd page (to the left of the first page) and the start of pages 3 & 4 which sit over.  These will complete most of the stems and begin the lowest of 3 poppies.  

I do the backstitching before the cross stitch so that I know where I am in the pattern.  The needle slips under that backstitch and it does look good after stitching.

 There is not a lot of other news.  I will be going to a knitting night at Genuine Purl, my local yarn shop (LYS) on Thursdays to get me to finish some socks I have in progress.  There is also a mystery sock knit along (MOCK) starting today on Ravelry.  The pattern is Shazam in memory of Robin Williams.  I will be joining that and have downloaded the first clue.  There are 4 clues, one per week.  I need to split a skein and wind so that I can do each clue for each sock.  At the end of the Mock, I'll have a completed pair of socks.

So crafty stuff continues and the 90+degree weather seems to have wandered elsewhere so that does mean fall is coming.  

I have two family members living in the northeastern portion of the country.  Both are reporting the first changes toward fall.  I'm not seeing anything here, but don't expect to for a few more weeks.

Off to stitch some more.  Enjoy what you enjoy doing and I'll be back with more updates in about a month.