Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Once Again

Here I go again - and let's see if I can stick with it a bit better this time around.  I've been inspired a bit watching a video blog - and I can't remember the name.  When I do I'll link it here.

So what have I been up to... Knitting and spinning and work and, and, and.  This may be a bit photo heavy but here goes...

First of all, Silk Hankies dyed by AllSpunUp.  It's been a really long time since I have spun hankies so I'm trying this again and hope the learning curve isn't too horrible.

The spindle with the hook is a Bosworth and has some of the silk above spun on it.  The other is a support spindle and the bowl it sits in to be spun.  I have an alpaca wool mixture on that one.    Below are two photos of a superfine Merino, again from AllSpunUp.  This was one of her mystery spin-alongs from last year, I think.  This one will be a three ply and hopefully, a pair of socks when I'm done spinning.

FireStarter Sock  Craftygirl83 Georgia Peach yarn
Next is the first of a pair.  The pattern is Fire Starter and the yarn is by an indie dyer, craftygirl83.  I know her   as Dana in Chattanooga.  The colorway is Georgia Peach and it's lovely.  I need to finish the other (I'm decreasing the gusset - that triangular area) and then have the cuff) and find my sock blockers.  These are for a Christmas present for someone.  Another Christmas present - unless I decide to keep it is Lacy Baktus.  This one is made of one of my handspun skeins.  This is merino, 3 ply, and I do like the way the colors move.
 The next photo is a group of handpun yarns of mine.  The gray and brown in the middle are Falkland Fleece.  The darker one to the left is Cormo.  The scarf is a Fiesta Ruched Scarf from Interweave Knits - last winter, I think.  It still needs to be blocked, but now I've found my Orvus paste, I can wash & block it.  
The yarn on the right is Blue Suede Shoes from Crown Mountain Farm - a superwash Merino.  Below it, the solid turquoise blue is a Merino - leftovers from a seaman's scarf I made for my daughter a long time ago.  Between the gray and the scarf are 2 skeins handspun from AllSpunUp again.  I'll be doing some beauty shots of these in the future.  Also below is Windswept.  This is a kit and included that beautiful silk/merino yarn in a colorway called Peony.  Somehow another photo was lost so we'll find it for next time.  

Take care everyone and I hope to return in about 7-10 days.