Friday, July 22, 2011

I think I'm going to cry

I started some new socks while on vacation.  The pattern is called Inlay and was found at, here.

Well in the middle of a brain storm, I tried the first one on a few minutes ago - and they are too small.  Well the leg section is too small.  The 1.5 sized needles and my gauge must be off.  Normally I knit right on with gauge.  AND this pattern called for size 1, and I deliberately went up to 1.5 to make them a bit loose.  

So now all this will be ripped/frogged back to the beginning.

I do love the pattern but will go up at least one needle size and try them on as I go.
Sometimes I dislike new learning opportunities.  I will blame it on the heat.  Since my return from New Hampshire, it has been in the mid 90's every day with miserable humidity to go with it.  I don't like this heat and don't do well with it.  DH suggested I become a snowbird.  Nope - not an option either.  Well not unless I win one of the lotteries - and you have to play to win.

The vacation was spent in NJ with DD and her crew.  I had a blast with the grandkiddles (and their parents).  Each has such a different personality and has changed so much since I last saw them.  Most of our time was spent hanging out together but we did go down to the Shore and saw some birds.

 There is an Ibis above and terns plus the missing skimmer to the right. 
The photo quality isn't the best as we had to take the photos through windows.  There are some large green-eyed, blood-sucking monster flies that can go up to 20 mph and there is a 15 mph speed limit.  Windows were up!

After two weeks there I headed further north to NH, the Lakes region, to bother my sister.  That was also lots of fun.  It is so nice to have warm weather during the day (mid 80's) and then cool (50's to 60's) at night.  The best of both worlds.  Warm enough for me for summer but cool enough for great sleeping weather.  I o.d'd in Portsmouth on lobster with a fantastic lobster roll and sweet potato fries for lunch and then lobster dinner that night.  My only problem is that refills of tea are not offered at all.  For this transplanted southern girl, that is not a good thing.

One thing I do love in New England are the old homes that have been or are being restored.  Then there are the sad or hopeful cases of the ones waiting for someone with love, patience and money.  K, if you remember the towns these were in, please comment.

Back on the home front, DH's garden is doing well!  We are eating lots of squash, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.  I'm going to roast some peppers today and probably make some gazpacho.  The birds have discovered the tomatoes and are wounding quite a few.  Looks like bird netting goes on the list of things to get for next year.