Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It is so amazing how much has happened since I last posted. I've moved from Chattanooga to a place in Murfreesboro, to another place in Murfreesboro, and finally to my new home in Nashville/Antioch.

Now the attack-shrubs are gone. They will be replaced and plans are in place for that.

Inside - well let's just say it needed a lot of TLC and some major work. The a/c in the attic overflowed - probably because the drain line got stopped up, flooded onto the ceiling, collapsed part of the ceiling and water spilled on the carpet to be soaked into the walls. Add warm weather and you get... MOLD. Icky stinky black stuff.

The mold is gone now, sheetrock has been replaced. Paint has been applied. DH may regret encouraging me to go for color - boy did I. I chose colors like Tigereye, Basket Beige, Lemongrass and a Lemon something. Flooring will be Carbonized, Stranded Bamboo or tile in the wetrooms. I already have an African Slate floor in the front bathroom and laundry area - both with basket beige walls. The Tigereye is in our bedroom, one wall in a bedroom with the lemongrass for the other 3, the architectural features in the living room/dining room and in the front hallway to the bathroom and 2 bedrooms. The kitchen and 3 walls in the north bedroom are in the light lemony yellow, the 4th wall is in lemongrass. Living room is lemongrass as well as the upper portion (above a chair rail) of the dining room. Lower part is the basket beige. Confusing as all getout but will make sense when I can get photos of the "after" posted. Oh and lemongrass is green, not yellow.

I have some other photos. Maybe you can see why I fell in love with this place.
The neighbor behind us gardens. On the right is her wisteria - redbuds, Bradford Pear, Crepe Myrtle (now blooming)- but our "patio" is great. We've put up a gazebo type structure with mosquito screening that about fills the patio and we love it.
The other photo is the breakfast area. This whole house is filled with lots of windows. The only room short on windows is one bedroom. The other bedroom is behind the shrubs in the photo up top. The master bedroom has 8 feet of windows!

On to spinning and knitting. I did join Tour de Fleece on Ravelry this year. Spun a bit but never posted any photos. That's for next year. I was really inspired by the people who turned out beautiful yarns and plan to do more with my spinning. I do have enough fiber to keep me busy for a while.

I've finished a pair of socks in a pattern from Wendy Knits website. I think it was the freebie from her latest book posted right before publication. Now I'm working on another pair of socks in some Opal yarn from my stash and have picked up Mystic Water Shawl again. I'm determined to finish this thing. I'm on the next to last chart so am making progress.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How time flies by

It's May, it's May, the lovely month of May...

New month, new location. I'm presently commuting about 38 miles each way to work in Nashville and waiting, waiting, waiting to close on my house.

Looks like I get to move next week to a new location and then move to the new house.

The house needs work which is why I got such a good price. It has mold. It's on a slab so only some of the wall studs are needing treatment and to replace some sheetrock. The company owning the house removed the damaged carpet - for which I thank them. Lots of big windows, a fireplace and vaulted ceilings. So our tasks will be to remove the moldy sheet rock, treat the studs, replace the sheet rock, paint and install flooring. Then replace windows and install vinyl siding on the back of the house and chimney.
Along the way we have to remove some badly overgrown shrubbery and trim some other plants. We'll sod the front yard and do some landscaping.

Further down the road is replacing kitchen cabinets with 48" upper cabinets instead of 36" and re-doing the master bathroom.

Knitting time is not abundant right now so nothing new to show there - and my camera is packed and in storage.

Hopefully I'll update a bit more often now. Will have some before and after shots coming too.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crazy February coming up

Well, it ended up a crazy January and now, a crazy February. 61 days to Nashville so I'm starting to pack and discard stuff. Not much knitting, stitching or anything else. Hubby has painted 4 rooms so far so now I need to buy 3 gallons of paint for the upstairs bedrooms, 2-3 gallons if the living room and stairwell need to be re-done and then buy a new light/fan for the living room. Will probably get smaller light/fan units for the two smaller bedrooms upstairs.

Well, that's wrong. I have been able to meet with fellow knitters a few times in January and hope to do the same in Feb. I am still knitting away on the Murano scarf and now have slightly more or less of 3 feet done. I've only knit about 2 -4 rows of Magic Carpet Ride. I hope, as things get done, there will be more time to knit and stitch.

New entries here will be few for a while but I hope to post at least one time per month and have photos with the next post.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Happy New Year to one and all. Welcome to 2009. This year promises to be quite interesting with lots of changes acomin'. May the good changes outweigh the bad.

My goals are numerous - as always and more realistic for a change. I have come to discover that little changes are easier than the giant ones. Little ones are also easier to achieve.

I've made a list for myself of all my knitting works in progress (wips), my stitching wips and a partial list of fibers for spinning. I was surprised - kind of - at the length of the lists. Making my goals as little changes produces the following:

Knitting: Finish Modena scarf - this has been my knit-at-work project. Easily memorized and I've done about 1" a day.
Finish Magic Carpet Ride - this is an adjustment to the Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights kal on Ravelry. Since they mentioned MCR is included, I have decided to finish this as my part of the KAL which begins today.

Dragon Eye - I have to find the box of thread for this - it's in hiding but I only have about 2" x 6" left to finish. This has been going on a long time. Not as long as DH insists (he says it's more years than the child has been alive) but a while.
Blackstone Fantasy Garden - I love this - it's a Celtic Knot filled with blackwork patterns and does look like a garden.

Finish the Winter Jewel fiber. I have about two thirds of the first braid done going into singles and will then make a 3-ply of it. Then on to the second braid.
This is on the wheel right now.
I got two spindles this past year and some georgeous icy blue fiber. I need to finish spindling this and see what it turns into. Maybe some crocheted or knitted ornaments?

I'd like to make some Christmas ornaments to gift this year. So I want to try to do 2 or 3 per month. Techniques are open but I'd like to use stash to do this.

I'd like to take more pictures and better quality. I'm not really sure how this one will work out - but we'll see. I do want to show photos of the goal items as they are and when complete. As those are done, new wips will take their place.

2009 will see me moving to the Nashville, TN area as my job will be moved there. I'll be sad to leave the friends I've made here in Chattanooga but it's only about a 2 hour drive so maybe we can travel back and forth or meet in the middle somewhere.

Other upcoming events - a family member has surgery next week. Prayers for success and a quick recovery are headed his way - any from readers will be greatly appreciated. A grandchild is due in February. I don't know name plans but Snicklefritz always sounded good - that was my grandmother's name for grandkids who were being kids.

I hope to charge batteries on the camera and pull out these 6 items and take pictures to post with my next entry.