Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holly-Daze 2008

All the insanity that is the holiday season - that I insist on calling Holly Daze (maybe I'll explain the story behind that one later) and the other insanity called family get in the way of regular blogging.

Oh, I forgot work too. I've had training, a week of shadowing and reverse shadowing, 2 weeks "pre-live" and another two weeks "live" with a total of 100 phone calls reviewed and graded. Final result: I've been accepted into the department! That's a good thing, a very good thing indeed.

Back and forth to the 'boro to visit hubby and family, phone calls with other family members gives good and bad news and, hopefully, things will settle themselves down with the bad stuff and all will turn out for the good in the long run. December brings Christmas and the new year. January is the time of some cancer surgery for a family member (prayers that this will be the last one and all the stuff will be gone this time would be appreciated by all) and the matriarch's 80th birthday.

February will bring a new family member into the world. Bubba has been voted down as a name for the baby. His next older brother wants him named Baby A with A being the same name as the namer. When told this wouldn't work, he wanted Baby R with R being the other brother's name.

March is a birthday and on goes the year...

What I have done is make a list of all my knitting in progress, stitching in progress, some spinning and my two quilting projects. The knitting and stitching are both in double digits - and if I listed all the spinning fibers I have, it would be too. So lots of things to work on in the time coming up - and I have a knit along starting Jan 1. Also two baby gifts to be made. One is started and I'll have to figure out what to do for the other baby.

I'll make the lists public on another post - or posts?

In the meantime, a wonderful holiday season to all of you, no matter your beliefs. Take time to enjoy each other and the world around you.