Monday, April 23, 2007

A rough week

This has been a very rough week for many. The Virginia Tech story has captured the attention of many of us and our thoughts and prayers are with those families, biological and other, that are dealing with the loss of friends and family members.

My nephew's best friend was a student at Va Tech but transferred to another school. He knew some of the victims and is having his own problems dealing with this. Special thoughts to him.

I believe part of it is having one's own mortality hit you in the face. At that young age you believe you are going to live forever. Yeah, some lose friends from car wrecks (well they were drunk, high, etc) or suicide (they were sick) or even disease. Very few of us lose friends from something that was no fault of their own - and the numbers involved created shock.

My awakening was a progressive one. Two friends committed suicide while I was in HS. To this day there is no firm reason why. Lots of rumors and ideas - but nothing for sure. Then my second child was born and died three weeks later. He had been born with some problems caused by a virus I had during the first trimester. That event was my biggie - that I wasn't guaranteed a perfect child, that death does happen no matter your age.

Since then I've lost others close to me and seen friends and family go through rough times - in addition to my own rough times. The one thing that has helped me through things is that I have come to believe that everything happens for a reason and is for the best. Now I won't say I will or do know what that reason is or what could have been - but I have to believe.

Maybe the loss of my son and the sharing of the story that I've done in the past will help someone survive the loss of their child. Maybe my oldest grandson, who carries the name of my son as a middle name, will do something in his life to prevent this virus from hurting others. He's only 10 but a very intelligent being with an interest in so many things - it's amazing. Or maybe his sister will. She's something else too - in a beautiful, special way.

Healing thoughts to all, no matter the cause.

Monday, April 2, 2007

I just couldn't wait

So I didn't wash the Navajo-plied Blue Suede Shoes. It's only about 50 yds or so - but I've split the rest for a standard two-ply. I have two other colorways, Ain't No Mountain and another I can't think of at this moment so I may do one of them first. There is also some merino/silk blend in an Opal colorway that I may play with. All these are from Crown Mountain Farms.

In addition, I have some plain old superwash merino, some soy silk, ingeo, and the rest of the Falklands fleece to finish with. The Falklands fleece is from Dunrose Head Farm.

Dunrose Head Farm sells through Crafty Notions in the UK, but I bought mine before Rosemary was doing that. Her website is terrific to wander through.

Today is Monday so it's my knitting day - and I get to spend a few hours doing nothing but knitting - again the bridal shawl is on the agenda.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Yarn of a yarn

I've finished the Navajo ply of the first bit of Blue Suede Shoes. I'll leave it on the bobbin for a day or so then wash it and let it dry. Then I can post a photo for all to see.

The weather continues to be beautiful but the oaks have started shedding their pollen - along with a choke cherry in the backyard. Unfortunately that pollen makes me itchy and sneezy. I can't enjoy the outside as much as I'd like. Frustrating!

Back to knitting on the Unst Bridal Shawl.