Monday, April 2, 2007

I just couldn't wait

So I didn't wash the Navajo-plied Blue Suede Shoes. It's only about 50 yds or so - but I've split the rest for a standard two-ply. I have two other colorways, Ain't No Mountain and another I can't think of at this moment so I may do one of them first. There is also some merino/silk blend in an Opal colorway that I may play with. All these are from Crown Mountain Farms.

In addition, I have some plain old superwash merino, some soy silk, ingeo, and the rest of the Falklands fleece to finish with. The Falklands fleece is from Dunrose Head Farm.

Dunrose Head Farm sells through Crafty Notions in the UK, but I bought mine before Rosemary was doing that. Her website is terrific to wander through.

Today is Monday so it's my knitting day - and I get to spend a few hours doing nothing but knitting - again the bridal shawl is on the agenda.

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Knitman said...

I like this colourway.
To answer your question, yes Luna is an excellent mum. Laid back but attends to her puppies well. She herself is carrying plenty of weight as she east like a horse. I like laid back mthers like this-they cause no hassle. Luna lets the other dogs be near. Luna's grandmother would not even let them in the lounge!