Friday, October 19, 2007


Well it's time for me to post another photo of Secret of the Stole. I'm part way through hint two but hint 3 came out today.

This is a more accurate photo showing the pewter color. It's softer in feel than the photo indicates - that silk really makes this wonderful. I'm not putting beads on this although it was designed to add beads. I wanted to see what it was like first - maybe I can add beads to another version later on.

My circular needle is rather coiled and I've read that some people either steam it or dip it in boiling water to remove the memory so it can be more accommodating. May try that this weekend.

I've got to catch up on this as Mystic Waters starts Wednesday and I've volunteered to translate the chart over to written directions for the participants.

The weather is finally nicer as it is 78 F right now at 5 pm. Maybe I can sit outside and spin a bit this weekend too. I need to do a third bobbin and ply a real 3-ply yarn. This is still Blue Suede Shoes from Crown Mountain Farm. I have a lot of this left to spin too. Actually my fiber stash is larger than my yarn stash right now. I've got a lot to do to catch up a bit. I see so many beautiful fibers on line that I want to buy, but I really have to reduce the 5 bags (those super large ziploc bags) full plus another tote bin full... and more.

Back to my knitting for a while.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

I' ve been Tagged

I was told today that I'm tagged. There are rules that go with this so I'm going to cut and paste from FugueStateKnits to get the rules right:

Here are the rules: Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they've been tagged.

This shall be interesting (for me anyway):

1. I was born in Wisconsin, lived in Kansas, Missouri and Connecticut before my 8th birthday.

2. DH and I met in Florida, married in Texas and our kids were born in Washington (state).

3. I was in one of the experimental classes for the "new math" in elementary school along with regular math classes.

4. My mother, my DH and I each have a younger sister named Cynthia.

5. I have two grandchildren with autism. I also have another grandchild who is ADD and yet is brilliant enough for a school for accelerated students. Finding ways to help them and their parents is a passion of mine.

6. I love to cook and bake. As such, I'm addicted to Iron Chef America and Good Eats with Alton Brown. The third show I love is Everyday Italian.

7. I enjoy almost all types of music but my DS would frisbee or break the CD's he didn't like of mine - so I must have purchased 10 copies of Phantom of the Opera before he left home. I'm still looking for another CD of Starlight Express.

8. I've had laser surgery called SLT on my eyes to help control glaucoma. It's a really different experience and repeatable if my eye pressures climb up again. Glaucoma is silent 99% of the time - no symptoms until it's very late. Please get your eye pressures checked per your doctor's recommendations. You can't be cured but you can be treated - and the treatment is painless and easy (I put drops in my eyes a few times a day).

Now the hard part for me - who to tag: Let's try Peg, Tammy, Claire, Dani, and I'll have to come up with 4 more tomorrow... my brain isn't working right now.