Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Happy New Year to one and all. Welcome to 2009. This year promises to be quite interesting with lots of changes acomin'. May the good changes outweigh the bad.

My goals are numerous - as always and more realistic for a change. I have come to discover that little changes are easier than the giant ones. Little ones are also easier to achieve.

I've made a list for myself of all my knitting works in progress (wips), my stitching wips and a partial list of fibers for spinning. I was surprised - kind of - at the length of the lists. Making my goals as little changes produces the following:

Knitting: Finish Modena scarf - this has been my knit-at-work project. Easily memorized and I've done about 1" a day.
Finish Magic Carpet Ride - this is an adjustment to the Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights kal on Ravelry. Since they mentioned MCR is included, I have decided to finish this as my part of the KAL which begins today.

Dragon Eye - I have to find the box of thread for this - it's in hiding but I only have about 2" x 6" left to finish. This has been going on a long time. Not as long as DH insists (he says it's more years than the child has been alive) but a while.
Blackstone Fantasy Garden - I love this - it's a Celtic Knot filled with blackwork patterns and does look like a garden.

Finish the Winter Jewel fiber. I have about two thirds of the first braid done going into singles and will then make a 3-ply of it. Then on to the second braid.
This is on the wheel right now.
I got two spindles this past year and some georgeous icy blue fiber. I need to finish spindling this and see what it turns into. Maybe some crocheted or knitted ornaments?

I'd like to make some Christmas ornaments to gift this year. So I want to try to do 2 or 3 per month. Techniques are open but I'd like to use stash to do this.

I'd like to take more pictures and better quality. I'm not really sure how this one will work out - but we'll see. I do want to show photos of the goal items as they are and when complete. As those are done, new wips will take their place.

2009 will see me moving to the Nashville, TN area as my job will be moved there. I'll be sad to leave the friends I've made here in Chattanooga but it's only about a 2 hour drive so maybe we can travel back and forth or meet in the middle somewhere.

Other upcoming events - a family member has surgery next week. Prayers for success and a quick recovery are headed his way - any from readers will be greatly appreciated. A grandchild is due in February. I don't know name plans but Snicklefritz always sounded good - that was my grandmother's name for grandkids who were being kids.

I hope to charge batteries on the camera and pull out these 6 items and take pictures to post with my next entry.


fleegle said...

You are way more ambitious than I am, my dear! May you finish everything by September :)

Happy New Year!

April D said...

Happy New Year!

Must knit together soon!

fleegle said...

Thanks so much for your nice words about my fish bag. I do have a thing for fish blowing bubbles, I guess :)

Carol said...

I'm having blog envy! I crochet but long to learn how to knit. I have wool from my French angora rabbit but no spinning wheel or hand spindle (yet) to spin it into yarn.