Monday, October 13, 2014


I just realized that I missed posting around the first.  Big oops! So now I can play catch up and show what I've been up to.

First of all, cross stitch.  I spent most of my time working on Fireside Fairytales from Heaven and Earth Designs.  I think this was about where I was when I last posted here.
 I am almost done with this first page of stitching, almost 10,000 stitches.   So the second photo is where I am today.  My goal this week is to finish this first page and continue on page 2. 

 It's pretty nice to see just how far I have come on this.  Oh, the sparkly stuff?  That is Sulky Sliver in Silver, that I'm using to show vertical columns of 10 stitches.  There is also a line across the top.  In addition there is a line of stitches on top of over 2 under 2 and on the side marking off 10 stitch sections.  I love the way the colors show more now - except what looks blue is actually purples.

The non-HAED stitching I worked on is a piece by Mystic Stitch called Blue Faery Moon.  I'm stitching this with 2 strands of floss over 2 threads, again using 28 count evenweave.  I had started this long ago and shortly after starting, my world went topsy-turvy  and this was put away.  There are only 26 colors - mostly blues - and it's really fun to do.  So here are where I picked it up and where I was after a week of stitching:  Before:

 and After:
Hopefully future pictures will be much better in quality.  

My knitting progress photos would be similar to watching paint dry - just more of the same - so no updates this time around.  Spinning is the same.  

The other things that occurred are that I found more of my WIPS so there will be a bit more variety showing up and that I have started a class sponsored by Etsy.  Etsy, for those sheltered souls, is a website dedicated to craftspeople.  A craftsperson can set up a shop and sell their wares internationally if they desire or just in their own country.  The class will give the basics on setting up the shop, marketing your products, and other relevant topics.  There will be one class to photograph our products so we can post them for sale.  Chattanooga is one of 10 US locales for this class (guinea pigs anyone?) and the others in the class do a variety of things - from making books to painting watercolors.  

More later when things get going.  

I will be back somewhere around November 1 with another update.  Until then: ENJOY!  Photo below - our local sentries.