Sunday, March 11, 2007

If at first...

I am trying again to become a more frequent blogger. I just keep forgetting.

Little progress on the knitting front. I've received the needles ordered from Halcyon Yarn, but haven't moved my fair isle to the new needles.

BUT I did start the Unst Bridal Shawl pattern from England. I've almost completed the 2nd repeat of the center panel (out of 10 or 11). Lace knitted in cobweb does not look like anything other than a wad of string that the cat finished with - until it's blocked. I'll see if I can pin it out so you can see the pattern - then post it.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the warm weather and the neighbors... who delight in standing in the road, making noise at any car attempting to pass them. Yesterday, there was a large fluffy cat by that clump of grass on the right side. It was in stalk mode for a short time. I think I got a photo of that too - but have to download that one and check it out. The geese were moving so they may not be in the photo - and you won't see the distances involved.

I've also decided to stop on the current bobbin of Crown Mountain's Blue Suede Shoes and Navajo ply it. Then I'll split the rest of the roving and spin each for plying to a 2-ply yarn. Should help reduce the barber-pole look.

Job hunting starts in earnest this week - as there were no responses to my e-mailed resumes.

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Knitman said...

good luck and let me know.