Thursday, May 10, 2007

Slight change of pace

I'll be changing directions again for a bit. Next week I'm heading to Chattanooga TN to explore job and housing possibilities. I'm excited and scared and nervous as this represents a big change for me. There will probably be photo ops.

The most important part for me will be visiting the younger child, the spouse-in-law, and my older two grandchildren. I should be there just as school gets out for them so we can have some fun, I hope.

Did some planting and I love this flower. Looks like a daisy but the middle is a purpley-blue. I think it's a perennial too. Behind it are petunias. Also put in some delphiniums, yellow dahlias and one hydrangea. If they don't drown in the rain, they will do well.


Knitman said...

Change is always scary but can be exciting too. Good luck.

tkdchick said...

Thanks for all your support through my cancer scare!

Enjoy Chattanooga, my best friend lives there and I miss her so much! I'll have to get down sometime this year to visit her!

Be brave, change is good!