Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tis the season

So why has it been in the 70's for the past 3 days? Oh well, I can be jolly in spite of the warm weather. I went to the main Library today to get a library card and start browsing and loved the lights in the city as I was going home.

Knitting has been interesting. I've started the fuscia blossoms for the Market Tote. They are hard on my hands so I still have 2 inside petals on the first one. Then two more flowers, felt and done. Hopefully done by Christmas.

Mystic Waters has released the final clue - and I'm on the second. Should finish clue 2 and start clue 3 tomorrow.

Celtic Tote is on the sidelines for a bit. Since it is for me, I guess I can wait a bit for it. Also on the sidelines are Autumn Rose, Fair Isle Pullover, and the silver shawl for the daughter.

Next is to find gifties for granddaughter 1 who has a birthday the 22nd with Christmas right after. Grandson 1 is all set. Grandkiddles 3-5 will probably have late gifts from me as I'm making them. They are the only grandkids on their Dad's side so won't be short of presents.

So wishing you and yours all the joy of the season. Enjoy!

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