Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New hopes

Happy 2011 one and all.  2010 was both good and bad - probably the same for everyone.

On this first day of 2011, people usually look forward - making resolutions for things they want to accomplish, goals to set - and for some, nursing the mother of all hangovers.  

My goals are simple I think.  First and foremost to get my depression/anxiety under control again as I am sliding back downhill.  Publicly, I have a wonderful face and no one knows the despair and blackness I am in.  It is a major effort to do anything.  My previous therapist suggested I keep a journal of thoughts and feelings.  When I was living alone, it was easier - now it is not.  On this not-so-private forum I can put the surface thoughts - maybe that is the first step.

My other goal is to do more with my fibers - spinning, knitting, crochet (maybe) and maybe back to weaving.  I also want to record more of what I do so I can feel that I have accomplished something when I look back.  This past year I did finish a fair amount - but the unfinished list is still daunting.

Obviously I want to finish those things in progress.  I'm working on spinning with a support spindle - mine is a Russian style - and I want to complete the four ounces of silk/merino that I have started.  I've decided on a 2-ply yarn - hopefully lace-weight - and then I can decide what to make with the yarn.

I have a polypay fleece that has been washed.  Now I need to finish processing it into batts, rolags or something to spin.  The Winter issue of Spin-Off has an article on polypay with samples and photos from Lael at Maplewood North.  The fleece is wonderful and I'm very happy with it but want to do it justice.

I've also committed to two ______-alongs.  One is a two-color knitting sock club - but I'm just getting the patterns, not the fibers - and will have six pair of socks when I'm done.  The other is to spin and knit a project from the book A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd.  There is a sweater called October Frost that I'm spinning some gray Corriedale from Crown Mountain Farms.  I'm almost done with the first bobbin and I will sample with it.  First a two-ply then maybe a 3-ply if needed to make gauge.  The sweater is a cardigan that was originally spun with a Rambouillet crossbred/mohair mix.  Mohair and I don't get along well and I didn't have any Rambouillet so thought I would try the Corriedale. The purchased yarn version is of Classic Elite Montera - llama/wool blend.  There are a lot of cables on this sweater so will be something warm and snuggle-y when done.  I also think I will get some pewter buttons for this as well.  I think Nordic Needle will have some - have to go check.    Photos of samples will be posted when I get them done.

On the needles now - socks for #3 grandson, socks for me, and the sleeve/yoke of the Nora Sweater.  Once that is done, I'll block and start assembly and add the front/collar part.    The photo isn't very good but this yarn is hard to take a photo of.  It's basically a navy blue wool with alpaca.  There are bits of a lighter blue and a pinkish red added. 


Seed catalogs have arrived and DH and I are sorting through trying to decide what to try for this coming year.  We are still harvesting lettuce, spinach, baby bok choi, tatsoi (Chinese green similar to spinach) and another Chinese green that looks like little bits of broccoli. I am super impressed with how the garden produced this year and what a difference it has made in our grocery bills.  We started with this:
and then ended up with this:
which was our last big harvest on 11/1/2010. Those mini-bell peppers (yellow and orange) are fantastic peppers.  We will be doing those again this year.  

I also want to be able to replace at least the 3 kitchen windows that face south with low-e windows.  The kitchen becomes both the hottest room in summer and the coldest in winter.  I'd like to moderate that a bit.  Then the 3 in the north bedroom which leak terribly - with cold air just blasting right now.  That room is my "studio" so it will then be more comfortable to work in.

DH is working on my plan for the fireplace.  The brickwork is horrid so we will cover that with sheetrock and hang the flat-screen TV on that.  The two cubby holes will have smoked glass fronts and one will hold DVD player and other components and the lower will hold the DVD collection we have.  This is what it looked like:

It has had a mantle added where the bricks jut out and I have to stain it.  Will add bits and pieces to cover the lower layer of bricks and it should look quite good.  The hearth area will be covered with marble or granite tile and then we'll have to plunk out about $300.00 to install gas logs which were not here when we bought the house. 


I also hope to get an assortment of perennial herbs in the front flower bed.  Currently there are 2-3 roses (one may not survive the winter), 4 lavender plants and some Stella d'Oro lilies.  I plan to add chives, thyme, rosemary, and sage for perennials then pop in parsley and some basil varieties for annuals.  There is also one very shady area by the front door which will probably have some sort of Hosta planted there.

So now I have published the home goals for 2011 and a portion of my personal goals and let's see how I manage with them.

Wishing all of you the best for 2011 and may you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

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fleegle said...

I am incredibly impressed by your goals! And amazed at your garden. I am still leafing through the catalogs to decide what to plant this year.

Harry says he likes your house, and will come to visit as soon as you have that flat-screen tv installed. He wants to know if you make good popcorn.