Friday, September 16, 2011

Polecat Passing

The title comes from a suggestion from my son.  We have now had 2 skunks decide that our totally fenced back yard is the perfect place to kick up their feet and die.  While I do love my back yard - I wish the skunks would not.

What we do have in our backyard are migrating butterflies.  They seem to love our zinnias.
I counted six of them while I was out this morning.  That's a tomato plant in the background and salvia is the plant with the red flowers.  Also found a big garden spider on her web, her bottom side was facing me so didn't take a photo.

Knitting continues.  I'm making a pair of socks for my sister, the one I visited in July.  She had chosen the yarn which is called a Crazy Zauberball.  One knits from the outside in and new colors appear.  


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Knitman said...

Gail-I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful comment. xo

The butterflies and flowers are delightful.