Sunday, February 10, 2013

The times they are a changin'

The times they have changed - or at least my location has changed.  I am now residing in the middle of New Hampshire, in what is known as the Lakes Region.  Right now the lakes and everything else are snow covered courtesy of a Nor'easter that arrived Friday to Saturday.  This was the last photo I took Friday afternoon.  Between the tree and the porch post  can see the snow covered pond which supplies water for the hatchery.  No skating allowed - probably a big liability issue for the state.

15" to 18" is the best guess for total snowfall here.  My sister had started shoveling and raking the roof when I emerged from a lot of blankets on Saturday morning.

I brought my wheel and yarn and fiber and quilting and stitching so will have plenty to keep me busy.  Spud came too and she and my sister's cat, Sophie, are deciding if it is war, tolerance, or friendship.  Jury is still out.

First NH finished object:  Socks.  The pattern is called Cinch and it has a different type of construction.  The cuff is done first, followed by the back of the sock, then a side insert, front and the other side insert.  Knitting the toe brings it all together.  I want to try this again, toe up, and see if I can get the inserts to play better with the front and back.  I also want to change the heel to a bit wider one.
Next project is called Chartres.  Another sock pattern.  It is full of twisted stitches wandering hither and thither on the sock.  One thing I finished before coming up here is made from yarn gifted by my sister.  I don't have a 100% finished photo yet but here is the progress shot:
Lots of ruffles and soft, squishy and colorful!

I need to finish Chartres socks this month as part of a KnitALong (KAL) with a group on Ravelry.  I also have stitching and quilting to work on.  There will be additional progress shots in my next entry - hopefully before another two months pass.

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