Saturday, January 19, 2008

Decisions, decisions

I've decided to set aside Spring Shawl Surprice and finish Mystic Waters first. I'm making stupid mistakes (because I can't count to 3) and getting frustrated. So I'll finish Mystic Waters then do SSS then we'll see. I have yarns coming for two more stitch alongs... One will be Mystic Light, a companion to Mystic Waters, this one being fire. I had purchased some yarn but then read more of Anna's view so changed to a color called Pale Fire. I'll post photos when it arrives (late next week?).

This past week I went to a Tuesday night Knit group at a coffee shop downtown. First of all, I'll have to remember not to drink cappuccino after 6 pm. I was wired until 4 am. Secondly, I met some very interesting people. Only one "knitter" other than myself showed up but the shop is quite a gathering place and a very eclectic group was there. There was an interest in knitting expressed by one man who sews now and wanted to know how much I'd charge him to knit a ski cap. He said he could do a little crochet so I told him he could find oodles of patterns free on the internet and YouTube has loads of video how-tos. Lots of questions that showed thought and curiosity. I loved it! Back in 2 weeks for more and I'm so looking forward to it.

I was told today that I've been tagged so I guess I'll have to find out for what and answer that one in another entry.
PK has declared war on the bottom step and now jumps over that step on her way upstairs. Considering she fell off that step while trying to be cute - and doing well at that - I can understand her frustration with that step. I'll see if I can get a photo or two of her attacking the step - it's really funny to watch.


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