Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Starts

Welcome to 2008. We actually had some snow last night. Enough to turn cars white - but mostly gone by early morning - at least in the sunny areas. I got a raspberry (aka Bronx Cheer) from DD when I called her. She lives quite north of me - and has no snow. Youngest DGS really, really wants snow but he's been disappointed most of this winter.

I think my most favorite gift this holiday season was a conversation with my youngest GD. She talked and talked and even sang a bit to me. For a child with autism who has been mostly silent for 5 years, this brought tears to my eyes.

Most people make resolutions as to what they want to accomplish in the new year - mostly being behavioral changes. Well I'm so tired of breaking those resolutions that I'm not making any. No, I'm not resolving to make no resolutions - I just skipped the whole thing.

I did make a new start for the new year. Spring Shawl Surprice (the spelling is the designer's) had the first clue released at midnight designer time. I'm knitting it in Jaggerspun Zephyr in Cinnabar on 3 mm needles.

I'm at about row 10 out of 50. A few fellow knitters have finished the clue and their photos show this to be an interesting knit.

The designer is the same lady who designed Secret of the Chrysopholis (spelling is mine and may or may not be correct).

I'll post another photo when I finish the clue.

I've renamed the cat to PK from Angel Eyes. She actually seems to respond to this name a bit. C is the one who came up with the name - even before he met her. One thing interesting about her is a medallion or prism on her head.
She also does seem to have the M on her forehead. My MIL says this indicates a cat who can be a good mouser. The best mouser I had was black with a white bib - no M visible on her at all.

I'm also fascinated with PK's eyes. In the following photo, you can almost see me in her pupils. She's adjusting quite well to her new forever home and is becoming quite a talker.


Claire said...

Kitty looks ever so pretty:) Happy New Year! I'm glad to hear that your GD is talking more:)


FugueStateKnits said...

Congratulations on your favorite Christmas present! How absolutely WONDERFUL!
Can't wait to see how the "Suprice" turns out:)!
Happy New Year,