Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day

My first day at work today - new employee orientation. This is the absolute first time I've ever had a formal orientation with a job. This is also about the 12th permanent job I've had in my life - plus a bunch of temp work. Things I liked: friendliness, humor injected into dry subjects, free lunch. Dislike: the -20F temperature in the room - even with over 50 people in there - I think it got colder as the day progressed. Even with windows on at least 2 sides of the room. Most of us were cold and found sun during breaks. I also walked back to the parking area - about 2-3 blocks away - to warm up that way. I seldom feel cold but this one took the cake. Training begins tomorrow at another location and I'm going to have to hunt for a quicker route. I'll be at that location until March when we move to a new campus about 15 minutes (in traffic) from my home.

On the knitting front - I finished my first McGregor's Garden sock and started the second. Toe is done and I've finished 1/3 of the pattern before Peter appears in the garden. Knitting group is tomorrow so I can head there after work and meet folks. I'll take my spinning there so can work on the spindle for a while.

I'll try for photos either later this week or early next. Meanwhile, Enjoy!


Claire said...

Brrrr, I know what you mean! They think that they should blast the air to keep everyone cool, meanwhile we all have icicles hanging off our noses! lol Hope you love your job, or at least tolerate it:)


fleegle said...

Yeah--the A/C can be terrible! I found myself searching for a sweater in Bangkok last week--totally impossible. Remind me to never travel to SE Asia in August without a down parka :)

And thank you for your comment on my tiger-washing post!