Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Countdown begins

Well, it's started - the countdown to closing on the condo. I've set up for the electric to be in my name and purchased a frig and dishwasher - the dishwasher there does have some problems. My address has been changed with the postal service. The movers are coordinated with someone to be at the old address - and insurance is in place.
Now both my kids and their families will be down here for vacation at that time too. Oh I'm looking forward to that soooooo much. Hearing about the changes and events in their lives is great - but seeing them is so much better. My DSIL is exploring the internet looking for things to see in the area. His idea of area is a bit more expanded than mine - but that's ok too. That's a difference between someone from a smaller state and someone from a larger state. He's traveled a lot but sometimes doesn't realize that the middle of a state may be a long drive from here. It will be an opportunity to visit some places I've not been before too. That's a good thing.

One of my goals on this new adventure is to explore new things and stretch my comfort zone. I've become a creature of habit and I don't think all those habits are good. That's why the condo will be good for me - I have to climb a flight of steps just to get to my front door. After that, my bedroom will be upstairs so that's another flight of stairs. Down stairs for laundry kitchen, dining and living rooms. Up stairs are three bedrooms and bath. There is also a bedroom downstairs but that will be storage of someone else's things until they can be moved to a more permanent location.

I'll post a few more phot0s I took at the TN Aquarium. I'll start with another jellyfish.
And some frogs. They also had an exhibit with tree frogs, stuck to the glass and everywhere - I'll get a photo of that sometime - there were too many people around it for a clear shot.
These were some rays - and the color patterns are really neat. The beige one is marbled and the other two have yellow spots on their black skin. You should be able to click on these and get a bigger view.


Claire said...

Hi, it's Claire from Blarney 'n Grits! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Love your blog and I'm so glad you've moved to the area. I love the aquarium too, but haven't been in so long. You've prompted another visit for me!


Knitman said...

I have admiration for you. What you are doing takes courage.