Thursday, June 28, 2007

Moving Checklist

Well the packers showed up today - and the realtor had to let them in to pack. I think everything is now packed and will be picked up in the morning. Then it will be here sometime between the 3rd and 12th. It's about a 10-hour drive in a car - so double for a truck - 3 days is perfectly reasonable - why give them up to 9 days???

My daughter and her family will be here Saturday night. My SO(DH) arrives tomorrow night and my son and his family will drive down on Sunday. This is going to be fun - at least I'll be sure to have fun. Haven't seen DD and her crew since Thanksgiving. DS and family live about 1 1/2 hours away so we can visit back and forth as mutual schedules allow.

As for the SO/DH comment - well we've been living separately for 37 months now - but spend a lot of time together too. Kind of a very mixed up and complicated story - even for the participants - but it involved mental illness on my part - depression and anxiety disorders as well as other things.

We (the doctors and myself) have discovered I've spent most of my life with depression problems - and discovered the reasons as well. So now, thanks to modern medications, I'm doing very well. This blog is part of my healing process as are the other changes I've made. I feel pretty good about this - and yet I still have problems at times. One of the things I have to watch is that I may have a tendency to pull into my hidey hole (home) and stay there - not taking myself out to make friends and see new things.

Now I've hung my laundry (dirty and clean) out - I will force myself to not retreat to my shelter as much.

Thank you for allowing me to do this.

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Abby Franquemont said...

So, I clicked on your blog URL while I was reading the comment you left at my blog just now, and found this post. I've read it several times and it really resonates with me. First, I was just reacting and thinking about moving stuff and how that is. Then I kept reading.

I've fought with depression off and on throughout my life, and there have been times that fight has made for... so much complication and put so much that I deeply cared about in jeopardy. Just saying that in so many words is hard. I commend you so very much, so highly, for the way you're talking about it. Thank you for not hiding; it matters to me.

I hope this doesn't sound totally weird and stupid. But, I mean it: thank you.