Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to DD

My daughter's birthday is today - so I'm wishing her a happy one. I tried to call last night but had to leave a message. When I called today all her in-laws were there getting her cake ready so I'll try again tomorrow.

Meanwhile I am in the condo now and dealing with unpacking and sorting and unpacking and waiting for a repair to be made. My inspector had found that water was running under the vinyl corner piece of the unit and some structural damage has happened as a result. Now I can see daylight out the corner of the living room - where the baseboard has separated in the corner. It took 3 days for the property manager to get someone over here - and they tell me it is an urgent repair - but nothing yet. Granted we've had rain showers almost daily - and it's booming now but there is still work they can do. I've had a huge Wood Roach come in the corner hole and he moves faster than I do when I try to smack him.

There is a weight limit on pets - and this one may exceed the limit - and I DO NOT consider him a pet.

I've also realized that in my very tiny kitchen, I'll have to do something with all my herbs and spices. I do believe I'll borrow Alton Brown's idea of the metal cans with the magnets. For starters they can go on the frig, but after painting, I may install some strips on the wall to hold the cans. I can get some labels to fit the printer and make up labels for all of them. There are a bunch as I love using all of them. I can figure out a way to make the strips look good I think.

In fact, tonight I finished making gazpacho (from Victory Garden Cookbook by Marion Morash) with my variations based on what I'd unpacked. I'd read or seen something where someone made some style of gazpacho and added horseradish and shrimp for a fancy shrimp cocktail. Well, I did that - putting it in a margarita glass - for dinner and it was terrific! It looked pretty too.

That's my healthy eating for the day.

Nothing going on with the knitting, spinning or stitching right now as I won't do much of that until more is unpacked and set up in my "crafts" room - including a chair or two.


Claire said...

Well I'm glad you've finally made it here in one piece, and all your stuff too! Unpacking can be a pain - it always seems to take longer than packing! Good luck with it all:)

Knitman said...

I am full of admiration for you.I ma impressed by your will and fortitude.
And thank you for the dog comment-yes here in the UK it is hard work-over 100 Lhasa Apso entered today.