Sunday, June 17, 2007

Settling In - Almost

Well, I'm here and learning my way about - slowly but surely. I am buying a place to live and dreaming up decorating schemes for the spaces I will have. I'm still looking for a job but new opportunities happen almost daily. I'm not yet at the point of flipping burgers yet - but just because the job won't pay what I need to live. However, if push comes to shove, flip them I will. Meanwhile a trip to the TN Aquarium was taken and I fell in love - it is just wonderful to travel through slowly, to savor each level, each exhibit, each resident.

Sea Dragons, a type of sea horse that look more like plant materials drifting with the water movement.

I do love seahorses.

The jelly fish in the invertebrate display could cause one to be hypnotized by their floating within cylinders of changing colors.

The river display was even more entrancing because of the details. Just harder for me to take a good photograph. Even more fascinating is the lighting. Tubes of neon on the ceiling create ribbons of color and below you is a pool of water with a host of vibrant turtle paintings on the floor.

A ribbon of water outside invites people to wiggle their toes in the water and feel cooler in the heat we've been having. All of this reflects the Tennessee River flowing just outside the aquarium buildings.

This day's travelogue is now completed. I'll do more later, I'm sure.

Meanwhile knitting goes along slowly on the Bridal Shawl. I believe I have 9 more repeats before I start picking up stitches for the first of the borders. After I move in and find where some things are, I can pin this out a bit and get a better photo of the progress.

Meanwhile I'll go back to my making plans for the changes to the residence. It has been owned by a young man and two of his friends (both male I think) so the colors are darker and more masculine than I would like. I don't dislike the colors, I just prefer lighter and brighter.

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Gosh, how beautiful.