Friday, September 21, 2007

As Snoopy says: Bleh

Well I didn't get the job. I'll be calling next week to see if they will tell me why as they are still running ads in the paper.

So while I'm sitting here eating dirt (hard to do when you're on the 2nd floor), I'll console myself with knitting. I finally found stitch holders so can finish DIL's tote bag.

I've also started Mediterranean Lace from A Gathering of Lace. I'm doing it in Jaggerspun Zephyr. It's on size 2 needles and the other lace I'm knitting is on size 1. The Market Bag is on 11's so it's hard to get used to in switching back and forth.

I've been spinning a bit and playing with settings on the wheel. It's trial and error but I'm determined to finish spinning this stuff called Blue Suede Shoes. I have two other rovings from Crown Mountain Farms to spin but I'm going to play with some other stuff first.

Ravelry has been wonderful at enabling - and not just for knitting. There is a group for tea lovers and someone mentioned a masala chai from a store so I ordered some. WOW, this stuff is wonderful. Lots of spice and very soothing. It smells so very good and the house carries the smell all over - and I love, love, love it.

My DD is working at losing some weight and I am too. We are both at the same point of loss. She has a slight advantage as 3 kiddles keep her moving. I'm not going to adopt any to keep me moving - just go up and down stairs and walk around the complex. I was going to go out tonight but it really looks like the skies are about to open up. Hope so - it's been too dry around here and I want a pretty fall. Where I live, I can see Signal Mountain rising above me like a huge wall. It's all wooded and I am looking forward to seeing some color on that hill. I promise to take photos when the colors change.

I have a sister in NH who talks about all the New England colors - as if I don't remember. My response is her area's colors last about 1-2 weeks where ours last about 3 months.

I'm off to knit in my corner now and dream nice dreams.

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DD said...

Your DD here...I'd be willing to send you the youngest grandkiddle, but I'm afraid he's my opposite. While you loved it when I played with your yarn when I was little (getting all knots unraveled), the grandkiddle would cause the knots all around the place and up and down the steps. But that would be excercise! :D By the way, why not do the bridge walk?