Thursday, September 13, 2007


Finally I've had a job interview - well actually three today - one after the other. There were three individuals at the same company who interviewed me. Now I get to wait 7-10 days to hear something. Did I ever mention I hate to wait for ... well almost anything. I have patience with people - not with events.

I remember seeing a tee shirt years ago with one of the Peanuts gang saying Give Me Patience...NOW I loved that saying. I didn't realize at the time that it really related to me. I learned that much later. The first major time is when a due date came... and went and went and went. DD was about 3 weeks late. DS did a bit better - but labor was induced there.

Scheduled surgery - give me a break - do you know how many scary stories you can be told in the one to three week wait before surgery???

Now I have to wait for a job decision. Will I do well during the wait? Durned if I know but I'll give it a try.

Finally I took some photos of knitting projects in process and will post them here.
This is the center panel on the Unst Bridal Shawl from Heirloom Knitting in the UK. I tried to pull it out a bit to show the pattern.

Next is the Purple Russian Stole from Piecework Magazine. This is on hold right now because my stitch count is off somewhere and I can't find the boo-boo. This is majorly infuriating right now so it goes out of sight for a while.

This one starts with you knitting that bottom border. Then you pick up stitches and start up. You end up doing your side borders at the same time the center panel is knitted. At the far side, you again knit a border and graft it back onto the completed panel . We'll see how that goes.

Finally my Noni Market Bag with Fuschias. I'm finishing up the handles as soon as I find some stitch holders. I found the needle to graft the handles together so that's part of the battle. After that, I knit the flowers and stems and then comes the felting.
Pretty dull looking, right? I believe this is some of the most boring knitting I've ever done. It's not really mindless in that you are knitting with two strands of yarn so have to pay some attention to what you are doing. Still, I can't wait to get to the flowers.

And finally (but without photos) I received two lace patterns I ordered from The Alpaca Yarn Company. The first is Misty Morning Shawl and the second is called Forest Path Stole. I believe I have stash to knit both of these - maybe. If not, I have some beautiful blue merino with tussah silk that I purchased from Halcyon Yarn waiting to meet my spinning wheel. Photos later when I recharge the camera battery. I saw the charger, just have to remember where I hid/put it.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Gail, Thanks so much for the kind and thoughtful comment you left on my blog. I cannot imagine the pain you must have felt. My heart and prayers are with you. At times it is good to share our experiences positive and negative. We find so many people who have similar experiences, hopefully we can bring joy and healing to those who feel so all alone. On a lighter note, I love that bag and can't wait to see it.

FugueStateKnits said...

Hi Gail! Good luck on that interview! I cannot imagine what would take them 7-10 days to figure out! Maybe I'm impatient too, LOL!
Your knitting is beautiful. Love your choice of yarns:)
Take care and hoping this weekend is lovely for you!

Knitman said...

I love the shawl knitting and am especially partial to purple!