Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Another chart from Mystic Waters is done. Chart D has hit the trash bin. I'll be setting up on chart E in a little bit. My magnets are not strong enough to hold the shawl in a stretched-out pose, but I'm into the icicle center part.

Other knitting - well I'm working on a Caledonian Mist Sock from Pink Lemon Twist. She's actually issuing two patterns, one simple and one complex, at a time. I didn't do well with the previous Knitty pattern - boy did I lose my place and hosed the whole thing. So it was frogged and I started over with Caledonian Mist.
The other pattern in this pair is called Scarborough Fair. It's gorgeous with twisted patterns on it. I do have yarn for it too!
Tonight is my knitting group get-together. This group of women consists of some amazing ladies. Their stories and what they have going on in their lives are so impressive. I have a huge amount of respect for each of them. So far, no gents have joined in - but I'm still hoping. I know men knit and this group and location are so accepting of everyone.

Adding a final two photos. One shows the state of some of the Bradford Pears here at the condos. The other shows PK watching the birds and anything else that moves. What it doesn't show is how her tail is lashing back and forth. She's showing her moodiness today. Wanting to have her ears rubbed but when you reach, she's fluffed up and batting at you.

For some reason all today's photos have a very blue cast to them. It's cloudy out and storms are expected late tonight and into tomorrow. That might have something to do with it. The color in Mystic Water seems very close. The sock is a deep teal green. Bradford Pear blossoms are a clear white. The cat is a cinnamon and gray tabby - so maybe that's why she is blue as well. Hopefully better photos next time.


Dana said...

I missed seeing you tonight, and your shawl and sock! Hopefully I won't be working next week so I can hang out with you ladies. :)

WickedStitch said...

I too am still working on my Mystic Waters Shawl! I thought I was the only one! :o) Looking good Gail!

Peggy said...

Your Mystic Waters is beautiful. What a gorgeous yarn!!!! And those socks!!!!! Who are you calling Enabler? :)

Susan Pandorf said...

The Pear tree is lovely. Nothing is blooming here yet, except the snowdrops.

Guess I'll just have to make my own...


fleegle said...

Your Mystic Waters is lovely!

And yes, photos do add a touch of realism. The hospital was a bit bewildered by Hanabi, mainly because she didn't require meals. I will keep you posted :)