Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm with my knitting group

so no photos - but we're having a lot of fun! The conversations run all over the board -- and I've been laughing so much I can't even knit. None of the topics will be repeated here - what goes on in the group - stays with the group. Just like the Las Vegas ads.

I don't think I'm the oldest tonight - but close.

I'm still knitting on Mystic Waters. I'll take another photo when this chart is finished. I've also ordered the kit for Magic Carpet Ride and it will be shipped tomorrow. I can hardly wait and I'll be taking photos of the beads and yarn when it arrives.

Typical spring here - warm then down in the 30's (last night was 30) then up near 60 today. The allergies are running rampant for everyone. I still love seeing the flowers every day - and listening to all the birds.

My funny for today (in my viewpoint) was when I watched a CNN video about the kitten with the I Heart on it. The sound was on and PK went nuts looking for that kitten. Maybe you had to be there but it was funny.

So will probably be back this weekend with photos.

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