Sunday, March 2, 2008

Life after Strep Throat

Somehow I got strep throat. I believe it was a person in front of me at a check out line who coughed and hacked without covering his mouth. This one took me almost two full weeks to get over. So now I'm mean and ornery and ready to do an entry again.

I have been spending a lot of time knitting so I'm here on Mystic Waters. You can now see my new chart holder. Chart D has 4 pages. I went to Schoolbox Supplies (think this is right but can't remember the whole name) and got a 16x20 magnetic/dry erase board and a roll of magnetic strips that I cut into 5 pieces. Also they had highlighter tape (that pink line on the chart). So now the board can hold all 4 pages at one time. After this chart, there are 5 more - but the last one is finishing, I think.

My Tuesday project - to take to our knitting group at a local coffee shop - is Celtic Tote. It now looks like this:
I'm in the process of outlining the cables. I'm doing a lazy daisy stitch rather than the outline. To me, it is neater and will stand up to the felting. This is just the first side. I still have the other side and the edging/bottom to do plus the handles and button tab. I'm also going to line this - so will finish the knitting and do the felting then look for the lining material. My lining will have at least 2 pockets. That's the plan as I have it right now - of course subject to change or whim.

Another project that has now been added to my "to do" list is called Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights from A Few Stitches Short. I have the pattern now and will spin the yarn. I had purchased a beautiful dark blue merino which had 20% tussah silk blended in. The tussah is a light honey color. The MD/AN uses 5,000 beads which may be a color to match the tussah or a silver lined clear color. First I'll have to finish the third bobbin of Blue Suede Shoes then ply that to have enough bobbins for MD/AN's yarn. The small, insignificant glitch in this plan is PK. She is now a devout fiber stalker. She will find my wool anywhere, at any altitude, and attack it. She slobbers all over it! The beautiful roving is now shredded in small pieces and bits. She, of course, declares her innocence of this and all other accusations of crimes committed.

"Tell me, is this the face of someone who would do such acts?"

Please note she is perched on a towel pulled off the couch.

'Nuff said.


April D said...

How funny about your 'yarn stalker'. I'm going to have to check out the School Box for some of that highlighting tape. I haven't been there since it was P&S School Supply so I'm overdue for a visit. Sorry we didn't get to see the tote last night. It's looking great though. And the shawl is amazing. I don't know how you do it.

Susan Pandorf said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah! That's what they all say...

right before they pounce.

I look forward to watching your process.